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CEP transportation engineering services are tailored to meet the needs of clients seeking safer, economical, and lower maintenance system.

CEP staff has experience working on:

  1. Roadway design ranging from 3R projects, bikeways, and pedestrian facilities, and traffic-calming to corridor studies, planning and interchange configuration studies.

  2. Structure design ranging from simple culvert sizing to complex and simple bridge design.

  3. CEP construction services providing inspection, management, and administration services, specializing in infrastructure, testing, plus municipal, structural, and transportation engineering services. CEP commitment to construction projects: maintaining schedules, adhering to budgets, developing contractor working relationships, keeping accurate documentation, and closing out the project.

Planning Services

  • Corridor studies/preliminary design
  • Interchange feasibility studies
  • Community sensitive solutions
  • Transportation system plans
  • Traffic safety studies
  • Public involvement


  • 3R Projects
  • Urban freeways/highways
  • Local roadways and streets
  • Intersection improvement
  • Bridge and wall structures
  • Parking systems
  • Railroad crossings
  • Bike paths


  • Access management plans
  • Neighborhood traffic calming
  • Pedestrian, bike and trail studies
  • Parking analysis
  • Transit operations

Support Services

  • Right-of-way appraisal and acquisition
  • Facility site design
  • Structure design
  • Utility design & coordination
  • Water resources
  • NEPA and Environmental assessments
  • Construction Administration
  • Survey
  • Natural resource evaluations
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